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To host your own Aura Event, all you need is to be within 50 miles of Kidderminster and have 12+ people. Alternatively book a 2-hour slot at Hillcrest and bring a group of 4 to 7 people.

Hillcrest Aura Imaging uses 3rd generation imaging equipment. The 1st generation was Kirlian Photography. The 2nd was Polaroid, head and shoulders photographs with fluffy colour clouds around the head.

Our imaging equipment, via a sophisticated hand pad develops a representation of the whole body aura. In addition you get a good idea of what is happening in the Energy Chakras.

Our use of this equipment is biased towards health. Maureen Oddy is, amongst other things, an experienced Iridologist, so can use information from your eyes to clarify Aura features. For example, issues around the Sacral area are often related to digestion. A quick look in your eye and Maureen would typically be able to identify the part of the digestive tract most likely to be involved.

please contact us for more information about Aura Imaging and about Aura Imaging Booked Dates.

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